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" This year’s visual identity for IBM Think is an audio-visual collaboration – gestural, expressive, and driven by a deep sound analysis. "

Work at FIELD. I was involved in the design and animation of IBM Think 2020 Identity.

FIELD was invited to create the visual identity for IBM Think 2020, IBM's flagship conference, with IBM and Grammy-winning music artist Imogen Heap.

The final styleframes I was responsible for
Design explorations I did

Commissioned by



Original Music by

Imogen Heap


Executive Creative Director

Marcus Wendt

Client Director

Vera-Maria Glahn


Executive Producer

Xavier Boivin


Creative Director

Mike Hughes

Design + Animation

Paul Brenner, Julien Bauzin, Moritz Schwind, Davide Piscitelli, Ariel Lu, Adam Priester, Luke Hale, Kristoffer Moth, Marian Pramberger, Giedrius Paulauskas



Alice Shaughnessy, Svet Lapcheva

RnD + System Design

Jonas Otto, Felix Faire, Rosie Emery, Dani Macovei, Simon Fiedler



Behind the Scenes Film

Michael Lebor

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