Everyday Experiments


How can technology redefine life at home?

Everyday Experiments is a series of digital studies for IKEA's research and design lab - SPACE10.

I was responsible for the design and animation of Fort Builder and Extreme Measures at FIELD.

Below are the final deliveries I was responsible for

Fort Builder still


Fort Builder animation - dynamic setup by Adam Priester

Design Process

Fort Building sculpture explorations

 -- each inspired by a different 'childlike' concept

a family Ferris wheel

Jenga finale!

a front end loader truck, a seesaw and a telescope

Inspired by Japanese Torii

*References found online

Extreme Measures early explorations

Early elephant character direction sketches

Shading alternative explorations

-- bubble gum rave with graphical approach

Shading alternative explorations

 -- dark iridescence


Commissioned by



Executive Producer

Xavier Boivin

Creative Lead

Xander Marritt


Executive Creative Director

Marcus Wendt


Alice Shaughnessy

Design and Animation

Nicolas Le Dren, Ariel Lu, Davide Piscitelli, Adam Priester, Luke Hale

Client Director

Vera-Maria Glahn



Jonas Otto, Adam Samson